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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's day was a bit of a bust this year, considering it won't be on Friday again until ELEVEN YEARS FROM NOW! I had originally set my sights high for a trip to Ireland to celebrate the occasion, but that fell through. And then the Party that I was hosting (at others' requests) sorta fell through too. Such is life though, every 'holiday' can't be better than the year before!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why does Molly Bloom's search people?

I was recently at Molly Bloom's (the bar in downtown London, Ontario), and was surprised when I noticed the bouncers rifiling through a female associate of mine's purse.. I thought "Maybe just the ladies get their purses searched, since they always so many bad things in them", before I knew it I was being searched too! I had to take out my keys and everything, and it was a Thursday!!! So to teach them a lesson we threw ice cubes at each other until we were asked to leave (after spending all kinds of money). I've never been searched going into a bar in London that didn't have a big-name band playing (that I recall).