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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Harddrives are $99 for 160GB's at Futureshop! (138.99 + tax + $30US rebate). I bought one (WDIGI160). It was a back to school special and Jake and I managed to buy all they had left at one location.

Jamie McCullough started a weblog at I was trying to get him to signup to one at blogger, but some problem with their livingroom computer prevented that. (Could be a virus!) I'm not sure how much he'll write in it, but I'm sure some people would be interested to know what's going on with Jamie by reading a report!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I gave blood last Friday partially to get off of work for an hour, but mostly because I like to help people, especially when there's no inconvenience to me and in this case incentives, like the cookies! -- too bad about my diet not letting me eat them, but it did cause my iron test to pass with flying colours.

The Mystery Restaurant Tour is scheduled for this Sunday at World Famous Eastown Pizza. The attendance looks satisfactory.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Crazy guy chasing Vicki

Oh I meant to write in my last entry. Vicki called me last night as I was about to leave Byron & Sharon's (where some people gathered to drink after some Margaritas at Mexicali Rosas), she had gone to the variety store and grocery store on her way home, and after going to the grocery store she noticed this old man had been following her since the variety store, she took an odd route to confirm that he was following her (at this point I was on the phone), so I departed Byron's with Jamie in tow and we went chasing after Vicki in my car. She was only 4 blocks away, I had to jump the gun on a couple lights because he was running after her at one point. She stopped to ask why he was following her just as we pulled up, and his response was unintelligible. He was a frail looking old man, but apparently he had some good legs on him as he was apparently running well. That was my excitement for the week (I'm sure it was more exciting for Vicki, in the bad kind of way)

I changed my blog's name to AndrewLog, to keep consistant with my names of everything. (AndrewBank, AndrewCasino, Andrew Enterprises, AndrewPress, etc.), also because other peoples' blogs had names that were the first search result Google returned when searched for. (ie scartattack, gormanski). Now AndrewLog's first returned search on google is my weblog!) Whee!

This week is looking pretty standard so far, weekend looks not too busy.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Went to Jen & Nick's "Engagement Party" last night, drank a bit too much Gin & Diet Sprites.. I could barely taste the alchohol. My horrendous hangover today confirmed that it was indeed alchoholic! Friday went out to Mike's, played some Hold'em, then to the good old Derby in Strathroy to see Ashley #6. They were also playing on Saturday at a fundraiser, which Mark was involved with. I didn't have time to go then (and it was for Junior Baseball to boot!)