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Thursday, September 09, 2004

One of my 4 bosses quit yesterday to move on to greener pastures. There was a booze and appetizer send off at The Tasting Room. A fancy restaurant/bar (and good candidate for a Mystery Restaurant Tour location. According to reports their food is delightful! Their appetizers are certainly tasty. I had one too many complementary refreshments, but recovered before bed with no lasting effects.

Stopped at Byron's on my way home to check out the Worlds of Warcraft stress test. The game's graphics are nice, and if I'm to be playing it this winter I'll likely need a new videocard before my expected computer purchase in early 2005 (which will be named Joshua).

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Last Long Weekend of the Summer

The last long weekend of the summer has just ended, what a short summer!
I want to squeeze in another beach or some other summer-esque trip before the fall kicks in.

Scott/Amanda's BBQ was a hit, I didn't get as exceedingly drunk as I thought though.
Other than that, and a few movies and buffets nothing else too exciting happened. I started my dietary long-weekend hiatus on Friday by having 4 $0.99 cheesecakes from the Westernfair Racetrack Slots. Speaking of the Western fair, it's coming up this weekend for a week and a half. I can only see myself attending to do some gambling at the charity casino that is setup every year there.