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Friday, June 11, 2004

Saw Harry Potter 3 last night and voted it a 7 on the internet movie database. (Only to bring the average down slightly as it was at 7.8 or so). It was OK, entertaining. It wasn't spectacular. It wasn't quite as childish as the other ones, which was good.

Tonight dinner with mother at the slots (a complementary menu tasting of their 'new' restaurant) a possible ~$75 value! But we all know my mom won't get the most expensive items on the menu. I used my own menu tasting and it was enough to feed 3 people (and I was almost Buffet Full!. Then to Mike's for a visit with Taya and friends.

I managed to sprain my ankle yesterday (hurrying across the street to get back to work -- since I'm such a dedicated employee). I took the afternoon off to consult a physician and recover. Although I managed to go out for dinner and to a movie.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Wednesday: Movie Night tonight at our house. Rock picking was cancelled due to Tornados, Storms and Rain.

I started Vicki a weblog (@ (still in beta mode)), anyone who wants an invite there email me
(you can bet this address will be disabled before too long since it was posted on the INTERNET -- damn scavaging spam robots!)
I've managed to avoid spam for the most part with my * domain and having a different email address for each place so I can see what address gets out.

Hopefully everyone will jump on the blog bandwagon (to quote Scott Stanley).
I created a groupdynamic weblog a while back, but no one posted anything to it, and it was sort of redundant with the message board. But the message board seemed to have died for the last time -- perhaps a group blog is the next wave?

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Weekend is almost over.

Went to Greg Gorman's yesterday for a BBQ, hockey watch and booze swilling lawn session with 'everybody'. Poor calgary, I didn't know they lost since I went home after the 1st overtime and Kyle Simpson had to tell me they lost.

Friday drank and played poker at Seans, I received 2nd place in both poker tournaments. Losing to Kyle in the first one and to Dave in the 2nd one.