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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Cursed by a dead witch!

Apparently I was cursed by a dead witch today. I stepped within the 4 poles of this witch's grave at a visit to the old St. Thomas Church today with Vicki. As soon as I set foot within the boundries Vicki screamed;
"Oh my God you're cursed!".
Apparently she'd mentioned something about these poles, but I mustn't have heard (or remembered). Oh well. (Church Info) (Vicki's Blog Entry).

Friday, June 18, 2004

It's Friday! I wasn't feeling too well today. There must be something going around :)

On an unrelated note went to din din at the new Crabby Joe's on Wellington Rd with Adam, Brent, Jake, Christine, Erin & Trisha. Managed to run up a $30+ bill. Had a great drink called The Ice Cream Sandwich. Yummers!

Then we all went back to my house, Kyle came over we had a bunch to drink, a many of them played poker, Vicki came by, then we all went out to the Honest Lawyer. Erin forgot her ID, but luckily there was no one checking there. I somehow managed to get involved in a beer drinking contest (time-limited). I won!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'm looking forward to the weekend as it's been an annoying week. Hopefully it'll be cheaper than last weekend where I exceeded my spending budget by $26. (I must adhere to a strict budget or everything'll go to hell)
Shane Baetz pointed out a nifty page today. (Although according to sources part of it is not true, but most of it is.

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From: Shane Baetz
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this is kind of a cool link, essentially this girl in the ukraine took her kawasaki ninja on a roadtrip to the chernobly reactor that melted down in the mid-80's, essentially leaving that area uninhabitable for hundreds of years...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Saw supersize me with Jamie, Vicki, Amanda, Scott, Adam, Craig, Sean & Sheila.
It didn't make me want to stop eating at McDonalds, but it did make me want to have a renewed interest in my 2 diets that I'm currently on. (But it doesn't take much)

After much cajoling Scott Stanley started a weblog (here)

Monday, June 14, 2004

It's Monday. Weekend was moderately busy, besides the Mystery Restaurant Tour, went to Mike & Tina's on Friday, played some poker while there, won Approx $16, donated approximately $3 to the Poker Fund (which received a windfall that night (approx $10)).

Saturday went to Harris Park briefly (Sean, Dave, Sheila & Greg (et al) were there at the time (Vicki coming later)) on my way to Erin Carrol's birthday party on my way to Jeff Kersten's stag & doe in Appin. Hadn't seen Jeff in ages and used to be good friends with him back in the public school era -- but it was not to be, several factors dug a wedge between us, most notably other friends that were bound and determine to ruin him. So I thought it would be good if I congratulated him and Liz on their impending marriage.

Came back to London and met Erin and friends at a local bar, played a little pool with Erin (lost, but just barely) did a little dancing (ack!) and called it a night.

The resurrection the of Mystery Restaurant Tour was tonight. It went over well. We went to Blue Ginger. (Here's the Review). We went for dessert afterwards at Cafe Dimetri just down the street and met Brent there, who's in town on pleasure.