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Monday, June 14, 2004

It's Monday. Weekend was moderately busy, besides the Mystery Restaurant Tour, went to Mike & Tina's on Friday, played some poker while there, won Approx $16, donated approximately $3 to the Poker Fund (which received a windfall that night (approx $10)).

Saturday went to Harris Park briefly (Sean, Dave, Sheila & Greg (et al) were there at the time (Vicki coming later)) on my way to Erin Carrol's birthday party on my way to Jeff Kersten's stag & doe in Appin. Hadn't seen Jeff in ages and used to be good friends with him back in the public school era -- but it was not to be, several factors dug a wedge between us, most notably other friends that were bound and determine to ruin him. So I thought it would be good if I congratulated him and Liz on their impending marriage.

Came back to London and met Erin and friends at a local bar, played a little pool with Erin (lost, but just barely) did a little dancing (ack!) and called it a night.


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