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Saturday, May 14, 2005

London Knights Win OHL Cup

There was a celebration downtown that lasted for hours, consisting of hoots, hollers and honks and other carrying on (Saturday night). I set out in my car to be in the midst of it, thinking back to when Canada won the gold in hockey -- how much of a riot it was downtown London. This wasn't the magnitude of that, but it was pretty interesting.. Doesn't happen alot in London...

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Friday, May 13, 2005

A New Rice Arrives

LONDON, ONTARIO - (AndrewPress) - At around 2am this morning Trisha Rice started getting contractions, after a few more hours of letting Adam sleep they were off to St Joseph's Hospital.

At around 12:31pm Trish brought a new baby girl into the world. Weighing 9lbs 10oz with a mess of dark hair about the head.

Huzzahs are in order for family Rice!

(More Pictures)
(Trish's Weblog)

Update: She has been designated Mackenzie Lynn Nicole Rice

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Baby Rice

Baby Rice is due any day now (officially due this past Monday). Trish claims she's going on a mission soon to make the baby uncomfortable enough to leave her womb if it doesn't happen soon. (ie. Horseback riding)

Trish's Blog:


I was stopped by a duo of Mormons yesterday (from Utah (which I guessed) and Delaware State). I wasn't in a hurry and I don't get to talk to die-hard churchies very much so I stopped and chatted with them. They asked what it would take me to believe in the Book of Mormon, and I said it was too late for me to believe any differently than I do, and that perhaps an accident where I've been miraculously healed by the phophet Mormon himself, then maybe.

I always thought the Book of Mormon was a fake sequal to the Bible, written by a crazy person, and discovered (or written) by someone who wanted to create a religion and perhaps cash in on it.

Monday, May 09, 2005


It was a busy weekend for me, Sean's final farewell was on Friday, as well as Kyle's birthday party in Strathroy, I didn't drink for either of these occasions because I was hungover quite severely from a reception at the Museum for it's 25th anniversary on Thursday. Somehow I managed not to eat anything that day except for hors d'oeuvres at the event..

Sean's departure to Manila for 4 months will be a hole in the fabric of GD-London, as he was a big organizer of things-to-do, etc.

Saturday was the much anticipated KEMF 10. It was slightly more subdued than previous KEMFs with people leaving earlier and going to bed earlier too, but still a great time! (Pictures, Pictures2)

You can download the music from KEMF X at

Sunday was mother's day, I got fatter at the Mandarin in celebration.

Speaking of Manila, I have tentative plans to make it this year's vacation destination.. It's all dependent on a travel-grant from an unspecified source and whether or not the flight is outrageously priced. Currently it's $2000, I'm not paying a dime over $1650 for a flight there! Also Kayla would be my travel companion this year.