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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Halloween party was a hoot. I over refreshed myself with gin and juice, and many had a great time. Adam won the contest for best costume (Space Jesus). I dressed as wolfman, which was the cheapest whole costume at That Party Place.

Tomorrow is the US election. I'm rooting for Kerry, but admit that if Bush wins it won't be so bad for Canada. Peter Mansbridge opened my eyes to why a bush win wouldn't be that bad at the convention centre on Saturday for CIBC Wood Gundy's 4th annual client conference. He said that he was chatting with some liberal MPs on a plane ride back from Ottawa to Toronto and that they said they want Kerry to win, but Canada would be better off if Bush won because Kerry wants more worldwide troups in Iraq, meaning perhaps Canadians, not just Americans dying, and he's much more protectionist than Bush, so we'll loose out more on the exporting meat and garbage and the softwood lumber situation.

Martin said no Canadian troops are going to Iraq at all, but it's a little tougher to say no to the US when the democrats are in charge...


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