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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I was on the phone with Bell yesterday trying to get my outrageous cell phone bill under control. (See Previous Blog Entry)

I called customer service and explained everything and they said they couldn't switch me back to my old evenings-start-at-6pm plan because it doesn't exist anymore. I found that hard to believe since I was on it until I bought my new phone. I bet they'd just need to do something a little non-standard to get that back. Anyways they offered to give me the new 6pm plan, which is $5 more! but luckily agreed to waive my message centre for 2 years to make up for it. I came out on top by an extra dollar a month (until my 2 year term is up, then gouge-city). Hopefully the CRTC will have decreed that you can keep your number when switching carriers by then, and then the carriers might be a little more competitive since they wouldn't be able to hold your number hostage anymore.


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