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Monday, September 27, 2004

There was a party at my home on Saturday, partially to celebrate Amanda's Birthday. It turned into a poker party so I decided to pop out to attend the one year anniversary of the Salt Lounge. I ate only atkins friendly food while I was there and was surprised at how much I could have. (Veggies/Dip, Cheese and strawberries!). There was some people from the CIBC there that I was chatting with, otherwise I would have been back to the party a lot sooner. I had a bit to drink by this point, so hopefully I didn't make an ass out of myself like I usually do while drunk. I tried to enter another bar that night but walked away when they demanded I stand in a certain place while the jerk bouncer checked my ID. I tried to go back a 2nd time (after they knew how old I was), but they insisted I stand in a certain place. I was argumentative and ended up getting in some arguments with 4 people in total. I was outraged at how poorly I was treated.


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