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Monday, September 13, 2004

A semi-eventful weekend has just passed. The western fair started this weekend, so I went to a demolition derby there with Jake, Jane (Erin's friend) & Erin. It was amusing, the magic show before it was a bit of a joke though, several London personalities were made to disappear. The fair made me break my diet by having an absolutely awful chocolate ice cream waffle from a jerk vendor to boot!

Vicki, Jamie and I went back to the fair later that evening and had some $0.99 cheesecake at the slots, then we ran around on the ice on the way back to the car across the street at the sports arena. No one was around and Vicki was concerned about being arrested. We weren't.

Went back to the fair area on Saturday and managed to squander away some money I didn't budget on blackjack at the temporary charity casino at the fair. Kyle & Jake were playing hold'em there for a large portion of the weekend.

Saw Resident Evil: Apocolypse that night. (Review link to follow)

Sunday, had a nice brunch buffet at the Flying J truckstop (Country Buffet). If you go before 2pm, they'll only charge you $8.99 for the brunch, and you get to eat lunch/supper when they replace it at 2pm! (Weekends only). Jake, Erin and I were on the way to a corn field maze near Belmont, which is why we were dining at the 401 in the first place. The corn field maze was a bit of a bore, but better than sitting at home, it was also hot. I managed to sneak into the maze (since it's a big fenceless cornfield) and saved myself $7. I then suggested we go to the beach, as I've been hankering for more swimming all summer and it was almost over, so off to Port Stanley we went, had to buy some swim suits on the beach, but they were cheap since it's the end of the season.


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