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Friday, September 17, 2004

Managed to break my diet yesterday due to free bake-sale food at work! :(

I've been playing with BlogShares a little bit, it's moderately fun. A sort of stock-market for weblogs based on their popularity and outgoing/incoming links and such.

Market Snapshots:
Adam's, Mine, Mr. Windermere's, Greg Gorman's, Scott Stanley's, Sean's, Vicki's

In terms of valuation, Sean's blog is beating mine by a small margin (B$7500ish vs B$7000), but I'm confidant that it's due to technical problems which will shortly be resolved! In terms of share price mine is currently winning by huge margins(due to share purchases by a multi-billionaire who now owns 80% of my blog's shares (I recently sold all my shares when the price jumped!)


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