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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Niagara Falls

Returned from Niagara Falls on Saturday... Drove there since there was nothing else going on, and I hadn't been there in a while, or seen the falls since I was but a babe.

I forgot how happening Clifton Hill was, endless amounts of youngsters (sub 30) as far as the eye could see, and beating basses and cool cars. I went with Vicki, originally Jake was going too, but flipped a coin and opted out due to the coin results. We met Byron and Sharon there at the brand new Fallsview Casino & Resort, it's quite the eye candy! Like a Vegas Casino... The closest thing we have to that likely in Canada. We took a free shuttle to the crappy old Casino Niagara just to get to the popular Clifton Hills area. While there we went to a haunted house called Screamers, Sharon and Vicki were scared like little girls. We also went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.
We had a buffet at the Fallsview Casino, it was quite good, and very nice.
The trip was quite fun overall, the only sour part was waiting forever for the shuttle to get back to the nice casino.. It was HELL!


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