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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Unconventional Wisdom - Game Show

Went to the pilot taping of Unconventional Wisdom last night at Oriole Park.

Jake won the first taping of the gameshow pilot, knocking out Julie by giving her the category of Vice-Presidents. Mark came in a close 2nd, and would have tied possibly if Jake hadn't chose for him to spell something (which made him lose a point when he failed to). Jake got to pick for someone to spell something as a bonus followup to a question he got right, and he was in the lead when it came time to pick 3 categories. Jake assigned Mark to Capital Cities and Julie to VP's and took Movie Characters for himself.

It was kinda fun, some of the radio contest winners were aghast at the low-tech reception hall and set that it was held at. Someone said "It smells like a barn in here", while others laughed. But no one seemed to leave early.


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