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Friday, July 02, 2004

It's a holiday today for many people being as yesterday was Canada Day and tomorrow is the weekend. I wasn't feeling so great this morning (and it wasn't due to alchohol), so I went into work around noon when I was feeling better. I assume that while my excellent immune system was fending off a summer cold that Amanda tried to give to me, a stomach bug slipped by.

Yesterday I went with Erin, Jamie & Jake to Erin's parents lakehouse at a marina in Sarnia/Pt. Edward. It was quite nice, and the yacht was very nice too. We took a tour out into the lake (and then turned around due to choppy waters) and then up the river a bit, then docked to watch the fireworks and swim in the river. The fireworks were possibly the best fireworks I have ever seen. But I haven't been to any good fireworks in my life, apparently. We got chinese food delivered right to the boat too!


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