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Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Loblaws' opening day a disaster!

A new loblaws owned store has opened near downtown London. It's called The Real Canadian Superstore, of all things to call it. It's supposed to be a Loblaws meets Costco, but it was a bit disappointing when I went on opening day -- It wasn't very costco-esque. Their opening day was a disaster, the interac wasn't working, and the credit card system didn't work in the self checkout area!! Customers were confused and irate. It took me about 15 minutes to checkout!! Their sales were also a disappointment and there was cart gridlock at some intersections!

One of the fancy new things is an electronic lock on the front-right wheel of the carts that will seize up if it goes off the store property. (I wanted to try it, but there were too many people around)
There was less free food than I hoped for, but that was ok since I'm on a combination diet. (Atkins mixed with low-fat and reduced eating, as well as a 2nd progressive mental style diet that hasn't done a thing yet)


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