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Friday, June 25, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Just came from Fahrenheit 9/11. It was one of the most provocative films I've ever seen, if not the most, and I found it very entertaining and to a small degree eye-opening. I thought the movie raised a lot of interesting points but I don't blindly agree or believe all of it. Much like in Bowling for Columbine when Moore made Canada look more amazing than it is, he must have exaggerated in this movie also in the same way to make his point.

I'm not going to rate this documentary with a true x out of 10 score. Looking at the Internet Movie Database most people either gave it a 10/10 or a 1/10. US voters liked it the least and non-US voters liked it the most. Also old people didn't like it as much as younger. Based on the 6.2/10 avg on the IMDB I voted a 9/10 to pull the avg upward because I think it deserves more, but what exactly I'm not sure.


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