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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Turkey Fest was last night, we had a ball. Many of us drank prior at Scott/Sean's parents (they were out of town), and hot-tubbed it up. I managed to wear my cell phone into the hot tub without noticing for approximately 15 minutes. I've purchased a new Sanyo 8100 colour camera phone to replace it (but I'm on the verge of returning it due to no apparent ring/vibrate feature!!!!).

Most of us managed to sneak into the concert area which is the only place they were serving alchohol. ($25 was the cost!). I ran into my Mom and apparently my brother was there but I missed him. (Yes I have a brother).

The Turkey liberation event didn't go off as planned. There was a lack of cars, and an opposing group of people, some of which were not very happy about the freeing of Turkeys. All of the Turkeys were eventually returned after the most exciting field trip of their short little lives. Mine had the most exciting fieldtrip, all the way to London from Strathroy, and back through Mount Brydges for a 2 hour romp in my mom's backyard. She wanted to keep them, but the family cat likely had other plans for them. After filling up on bugs and LOVE, back to the turkey prison they went. I was soured by all the negative reactions to the turkey liberation so I didn't even try to find them a home.


  • At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I bet that lil bit of freedom will make that Turkey taste even better. : )



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