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Monday, July 26, 2004

Trip to Andrew's Cottage

Cottage/Cabin trip was a success. We left at 7pm, arrived around 10:30pm(1 stop). We played a combination game of 3-man and hold'em it was fun. We went searching for the beach in the dead of night, which was tough to do, and after about an hour we found a tiny public beach area, which was JUST down the road from the cottage. (Cottage is almost on Kashe Lake)
Saturday, I was expecting to hear from Byron & Sharon, but no word and no answer at home, we went out for breakfast at at Sloan's in gravenhurst, not bad food (Vicki's was bad and cold), and so-so prices. We then went to one of the beaches, but only I had the cajones to go in the water, which had a gold tinge to it. Then back to the cottage to sit around for a while and decide what to do. Byron & Sharon FINALLY showed up after a 6+ hour trip of wrong turns and distraction by a DVD movie playing. (These things are dangerous)  We were supposed to have been gone to Casino Rama by then, but luckily we were delayed and didn't miss Byron/Sharon. Off to the Casino, which was a bit of a let down -- it was busier than all hell, and the limits on the table games were $25+!!! Adam played some hold'em after almost 2 hours of waiting (they don't let you call ahead to reserve a place (like in Sarina)). And the rest of us wandered around losing money and eating at the buffet (which was pretty good). I was stuffed before deciding to get it, and my stomach wasn't happy with me afterwards. Back to the cottage to drink, start a fire... We shouldn't have gone to the Casino, or should have come back much earlier so we could have started drinking sooner. Everyone was pooped, another game of 3-man hold'em ensued, and some smores were made. I hurt my back pouring water into a watering can after everyone disappeared and left me to put the fire out (Damn you Adam!). Sunday morning - went to Sloans again and then to a nicer beach, where Adam, Vicki and I swam. Then back to the cottage and everyone but Mark and I left. Mark was off near bracebridge much of the time taking pictures. I went with him Monday morning and hiked around some picturesque areas and bathed in a waterfall before departing town (popped by the Casino on the way home when it was 1/3rd as busy and won myself a whopping $20 at Roulette!).  Link to Pictures will follow


  • At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I take it there was lots to drink? Sounds like you guys had some fun. It sure would've been nice to get everyone together but I guess there is always the skilodge. Am I right?



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