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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dave and Debbie's Wedding

Dave and Debbie's wedding was this weekend, on the party boat Macassa Bay in Pt. Edward (Sarnia). I was looking forward to this, as the last time I was on the Macassa Bay (for another wedding reception), I had a great time, and this time there was to be alchohol involved, ensuring an even more fun time. All went as planned. Some of us met at a nearby condo (virtually at the same marina) for some pre-drinking to avoid the outrageous costs of "bar liquor". Then to the boat. The pre drinkers were all nicely toasted upon disembarkment.. I think we probably made asses of ourselves more than than anyone else, especially on the dance floor. (And unfortunately I danced quite a bit :((

The cruise was approximately 4 hours, fun was had by all. I hitched a ride back to the Condo with a friend of Shane & Heiko, and Marsha's who was driving them probably back to London. But before we could leave Heiko shut my fingers in his doors, after what seemed like forever of insisting the door be opened, it finally was. Apparently the way I was requesting the door be open was funny, so he wasn't immediately sure what to do... "openthedoor,openthedoor,openthedoor, Heiko openthedoor!! openthedoor1! openthedoor, my fingers are caught in the door! open open openthedoor!"

My fingers were slightly sore that evening and the day after and Monday but no harm done as far as I can tell.. I have to remember not to put my fingers in the paths of closing doors!! (I blame the gin!)

A night to remember though to be sure. I did want the boat to tour out into the lake. It didn't the last time I was on, but they blamed that on choppy waters, and it was a pretty calm day on Saturday, so I was looking forward to that... Perhaps the people that were on the boat for the actual wedding dinner got a tour of the bay?

Anyway, Dave and Debbie are off to California and Nevada (Las Vegas) and the area for their honeymoon, and I suspect they'll have a great time.!


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