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Monday, July 07, 2003

Yay Monday, Not! I wonder who invented that one word phrase 'not'. An old friend of mine (Nicole Gill) once told me that her public school, Colborne Street School (in Strathroy, Ontario) was the originator of that phrase. I believed that she believed that, but I didn't believe that to be the truth. How could something so popular come from Strathroy?

Friday, went to Leo's Den in Strathroy for Final Friday's.

Saturday co-hosted a triple birthday party for Mike, Sean & Trish (Mike couldn't make it back in time from a family function). Trish bought streamers, leis and a cake.

Sunday, stayed home most of the day, went out for a drive to get gas and locked my keys in the car. $40 later I was back home. (A Ace Towing came to unlocked me, they were the first name in the yellow pages)


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