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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It's Tuesday... KEMF is coming up this weekend, unfortunately I'll miss most of it at that SARS benefit... KEMF's come and go, but epidemic benefits are once in a lifetime!

Weekend... Went to a farewell Kevin party at The 8 ball on king, it was good, Clint and Shane, etc spun. Kevin's going back to Newfoundland for a few or couple months.

Watched Anj & Gloria play at the Great West Steakhouse just before 8ball.. I tried to get some more people to go there and have din din with me, but there were too many old people for their tastes, and they went to the more hip, Jack Astors for dinner. I had the dessert buffett and stuffed myself (and they neglected to charge me for it too)...

Watched The Mexican on Sunday with Vicki, it was a little slow at times, and muddled, but not a bad movie.


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