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Friday, October 07, 2005

Call the Office

I was at Call the Office last night for a punk rock show! It was like the good old days (less a whole bunch of people). There were a couple fights that bordered on brawls in the most pit area, someone got a bloody nose and pummelling about the head, and a few people kicked out to add to the excitement. Dana, Hue, Hopkins and Preston were there, (I went with LBR). 'Chicks Digit' was playing, they said they hadn't played there is 6 years, and didn't remember how to sing some of their own songs.. I may have been at the show 6 years ago, but I think that was after my 'punk rock' phase.. Although it wasn't so much a phase as it was doing what everyone else was doing.. I generally am content to do things that other people are in to, even if I'm not that excited about it myself. Does that make me a poser?

Poseur (Americanized as poser) is a derogatory label for an individual who seeks to identify with a particular subculture, not because they have taken on its shared values but because they seek to gain social status within the culture, or to gain the status associated with it.

Nope, I'm ok!


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