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Monday, April 07, 2003

I'm getting sick of this weblog thing... Things don't seem to impress me for too long anymore :( Woe is me.
Happy Monday. There was an ice storm this past weekend, the poor trees of London took a beating (not as bad as the Mount Brydges trees though).
Friday: Ate at Spegetti Eddies with Jake and Brent. Had the lasagna, always good (and always too much food). Jake didn't like his ravioli, which he only got because he originally ordered the lasagna and I wanted it too, and Jake gets moody when you order the same thing as him (I think he picked it up in fancy schmancy Santa Barbara where people do things just right).
Saturday: Went to Rumors in Strathroy to listen to some DJs (Mike & Dave included)
Sunday: Had Dinner with Vicki at this hole in the wall (Kubby's Bar and Grill). The milkshake was good (but expensive for how small it was), and the panzerotti just OK. (The sauce was a bit weird). The fries were good! And the prices reasonible. The people who adorned the place could have used some colour though. Then to the slots with Kyle, managed to lose $60 between us (subsidized completely by AndrewKyleGamblingVentures).


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