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Saturday, March 15, 2003

It's Saturday morning. Last night went out for dinner at Mexicali Rosa's with Adam Jake Trish & Brent. (Pictures), but not before Adam broke Amanda's lovely fedora. Then Trish went home, the rest of us continued on to Melissa Ferrera's birthday party. I stayed long enough to write 'tasty' on her shirt and take a bite out of a cupcake before heading off to the Elephant & Castle for 'dessert' with Sean, Sheila & Vicki and Sean's supervisor Grizzelda. (Note to self, add proper name later). Then back to the birthday party which had moved to The Poachers Arms. Then off to Sheila & Vicki's for a couple drinks, left the camera with Jake who was taking stupid pictures of Adam with other girls (Note to self, don't tell Trish about these pictures and there may be more). Then back home to bed @ 3:30am.

I bought some batteries recently for my camera in an effort to use it more. It's an old piece of junk and I have no plans to update it, even though 7.5% of my friends have a better digital camera than I. Maybe my next cell phone upgrade will have a better digital camera in it than mine.


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