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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I started my weblog(Blog) today. I had been meaning to ages ago, but I didn't find time to find a good weblog site, and google did that for me by purchasing Pyro Labs and

Today is Tuesday -- Cheap movie night, but I'm not going because I've already seen the feature: Old School and I wasn't a big fan. (Update): Jake thought it was a hoot, and Adam already said he liked it when he saw it the LAST time.
Of note, I attended a lunch that John Manley (Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister) was at, pushing his wonderful budget, Jake accompanied me.

I went to Byron & Sharon's to watch Byron play Earth & Beyond and then Sharon came home (Amanda drove her home) with The Ring. And so I stayed while that was being watched. I had seen it TWICE, neither Byron nor Sharon nor Amanda had seen it before. It was interesting to watch the movie TRICK THEM ALL!


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